Mayke. Solo.

Bach's Cello Suites connected with contemporary composers put in another perspective by improvisations on electric cello.

An engaging performance

with pianist Matthijs Verschoor

Not long after Mayke & Matthijs Verschoor heard each other playing, they picked up the phone with mutual desire - based on musical recognition and true love for this repertoire - to perform extensively together as a duo.


Both their playing is characterised by intens lyricism and a strong sense of colour. When performing they show a distinguished quality in communication, not only between themselves, but also with the audience.


Since they started in August 2005, Mayke & Matthijs performed with great success in Londen, the famous Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, the Royal Palace Het Loo, the Richard Strauss Residenz in Vienna and many other venues in Spain, Germany, Italy, Croatia, Libya, Cyprus, Greece and Norway.


Their recordings are highly acclaimed by the international press and have been released in over 40 countries.


Mayke and her duo-pianist Matthijs Verschoor were awarded the Silver Medal by the Société Academique Arts-Sciences-Lettres in Paris for their dedication to French music.

La Furia

 "Le Grand Tango" and other pearls of Spanish/Latin music. 

A passionate performance

La plus Belle Époque

Two major works of French romantic music connected with arrangements of songs by Gabriel Fauré.

An enchanting performance

A Russian Ark

The most breathtaking Russian Sonatas. "An echo of the Russian soul"

An exciting performance 

By The Sea

A British-Dutch connection of late romantic music. "A film for the ears"

beautiful performance